Alexander Gray is the founder and CEO of Skylight Global Inc., a world-class real estate investment and online marketing firm.


Alexander’s success has been featured in publications such as The International Herald Tribune, The New York Times, The Toronto Star and The Financial Times. His achievements have also been featured as a success story in Wealth Builder Magazine.


Alexander is a regular guest speaker to the graduating students of Ryerson University’s Entrepreneurship Program in Toronto, Canada. His visits have helped students understand “real world” marketing, as exemplified by his company’s successes for branding and consumer recognition.


For real estate investing, Alexander has concentrated his company’s efforts in the foreclosure markets of Las Vegas, New York City and Florida during the recession. However, Skylight Global Inc. has prominence in global markets, focusing on nation-wide opportunities for its long-term investment strategy.


Alexander is also involved in building online membership sites, mobile apps and offering search engine optimization services for the clients of Skylight Global Marketing and Skylight Global Productions. Using the many facets of Skylight Global to unleash his creativity is a hallmark of Alexander’s personality.


With his new position in IMA’s International Executive Committee, Alexander aims to expand his knowledge of marketing in the digital frontier by connecting with the many professionals who engage IMA’s events. He is excited to promote IMA to Canadian entrepreneurs and expand the activities of IMA to a broader international audience.


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